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KTC-Go Hard

A Masterful Music Producer

KTC-Go Hard is a Los Angeles-based Music Producer, with an extensive client list of musicians and performance artists covering a number of genres and sound styles. KTC MUSIC has lots of experience in the music industry, complemented with a deep understanding of cutting edge technology and the latest production processes.

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Music Productions

Musical Recordings

Are you looking for a producer who’ll meet all of your musical needs? KTC-Go Hard is just the Music Producer you’ve been looking for. Having recorded with many major label & Indie artists in a range of styles, KTC-Go Hard has proven their ability to bring a new and exciting sound to every project they work on. Check out some of the best music KTC-Go Hard has produced below.

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KTC-Go Hard

Inspiring Tunes

When mind and music come together, a masterful project for Whalerock Industries is the end result. Digging deep into his musical soul, KTC MUSIC has paced the piece well, with a compilation of powerful words from Ise Lyfe, harmonious Jazz melodies that transcend its theme. KTC-Go Hard. Go check out & enjoy the final product!


Unique Vibes = Exemplary Results

After taking a short break from music, KTC-Go Hard returned to the music scene fiercer and more committed than ever. These projects reflects the hard work and dedication in his career as a progressive Music Producer. With multiple major label placements With Grammy nominated artist B.O.B, and others, KTC MUSIC has created some of their most compelling work to date!

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Client List

Professional Partnerships

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Warner Music Group

Client Subtitle



Music Video



Elevator Music



Corporate Commercial


Youtube Red | Step up | HIGHWATER

Music Video


Facebook watch | Ball in the family

Elevator Music


Get hard

Movie Placement


The Spectacular Now

Music Video


Step Up| All In

Elevator Music


MTV's Teen Wolf

Corporate Commercial



Music Video

BMG_Rectange-Logo_Red_RGB NEW.png


Elevator Music


HBO |2x Emmy nominee: A Black Lady Sketch Show

Corporate Commercial


Contact Me

Are you looking for a professional Music Producer to build your music with? KTC can help take your music to the next level. Get in touch to learn more about what he can do to enhance your sound.

Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

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